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Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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❅ Winter Year One | The trees have shed the remainder of their leaves and the snow begins to fall in mighty heaps. There is no escaping the cold. Currently, Laurel Alps and Frior Mountain Range are the most dangerous to traverse. Temperatures plummet throughout the Valley. Perhaps the only gem in the whiteout that befalls the lands is the curb to the scorching heat in the East. While it is far more comfortable throughout the day there, the nights reach freezing temperatures.

01.02.18 Tryggr has a new monarch! All revere the mighty Brynja!

12.28.17 The lands stir once more! Auditions are being held for new House royals and reigning masters! This includes an audition for a fourth Spiritborne! Special to the soft opening, we are allowing characters to join with some arcana skills! For more information, click the link!

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Shield-Maiden, Viking Warrior

Tryggr Queen

Donafr Dragonaxe x Valra Firehair ___________ Magnar Ironheart x Yunafra Rubyheart
Frór Goblinbane x Astrid Bonemaker
Brynja Sheildbreaker
Foal name

Grey based | Unicorn Tail | Dark Grey/White Stripes | War Tattoos | Gold Jewelry | Horns | Scars

Of an average size, the warrior easily draws anyone's eye. Well defined muscles are quite obvious underneath her tantalizing coat and scars, giving the impression Brynja is in peak fitness. Despite her size, Brynja is heavy with a musculature she has worked to perfection for her entire life; muscles roll and flex underneath her striped coat without having to be flexed and are wrapped solidly around her hardy frame. Scars are littered across her grey body of various shades of healing and of varying ages. Brynja's scars are a source of pride and she does little to hide them - to Brynja, her scars prove his finesse and experiences on the battlefield.

The base color of her coat is made of varying shades of a light grey, lightening on the face, the front of her neck and chest, and along her stomach and sides. Dark grey stripes outnumber the white stripes upon her body; the white stripes are concentrated on Brynja's legs and shoulders, as well as her face. Dark grey outline her piercing blue eyes and runs down along the bridge of her nose in a sharp point. White and dark grey spots decorate Brynja's attractive chiseled face. Vivid red tattoos stand out upon her face and hindquarters. Brynja will tell you that each of the red tattoos were earned from significant war victories, or from another significant life event.

Brynja's mane is solid black, made of waves and hangs long and heavy down his side. Instead of a regular horse tail, she has a unicorn tail - the tail itself is dark grey like his stripes, while the hair of her tail fades from black to white, and is striped in black. She has solid hooves of black. Great sloping horns arch back from behind Brynja's ears. Her horns are black at the base, fading to white by the ends with white and black stripes intermittently scattered in the fading. Brynja drapes herself with the gold she has acquired from all her conquests. These golden chains are found wrapped around her horns, her front left leg, and around her tail.
[ Stern | Proud | Unyielding | Protective | Loyal | Abrasive ]

Brynja is smart, if not an incredibly intelligent mare. She's got a mind for war and strategies, and often has multiple plans of attack for just about anything. She dislikes being taken by surprise but manages to adapt well enough to whatever situation to emerge (mostly) unscathed. She learned her lesson of being lackadaisical and unaware of her surroundings from her youth. This also makes the Brynja wary of strangers, though not unkind to them. Brynja is generally stand-offish until comfortable enough, or until proven that stranger at least poses no threat.

Brynja is rather critical - a trait needed for her role as leader of his clan of Vikings and now as a Queen. This tends to make her rather unyielding in most of her decisions. Her word is law, and her word is almost always final. Brynja speaks plainly, finding little need to sugar-coat her words to others. This tends to make her abrasive without intending to be; though don't expect any apologies from Brynja unless they are well earned.

She is a proud creature and does not take slights against her character, her lineage, or her people very well. It is perhaps the one things that make the mare's great control on her temper snap. Should she snap, one would find Brynja to be incredibly vengeful and ruthless in her pursuit of justice. This trait brings about a darker side to him; one that is cruel and relentless. Bravery and her need for vengeance blind Brynja, making her a formidable foe to face.

Brynja is highly religious, believing in Valhalla and the greatness one can attain by ascending to Valhalla. She knows no other way, as it has been the way of her people for as long as she can remember. This belief tends to be a point of contention between herself and her closest shield-maiden, Hel.

The Tryggr Queen believes love is a weakness, having seen what is caused by her own parents. To Brynja, love makes you reckless and causes one to act without thinking of the consequences. She puts her people first and her needs second, even if she quietly suffers because of it.
A native of Slidr valley, Brynja was born into a clan of Viking warriors. Her own sire had been the band's leader, with his mate being a shield-maiden. Frór Goblinbane and Astrid Bonemaker were a formidable pair, but loyal and just to the people that followed them. Brynja was born late in the summer, strong and hearty despite her early birth. Not long after her close friend, Hel, was also born - creating an unbreakable bond of companionship between the two girls.

Brynja's sire and dam died shortly before Brynja reached full adulthood; Astrid had been attacked by a boar and Frór valiantly tried to save his wife. Both died of their wounds, leaving Brynja to carry on the leadership of their clan alone without any guidance. Brynja endured her rite of passage into adulthood alone but shed no tears for her parents. She had to be strong for the clan - strong for her people. To cry was not an option.

Sometime after, Brynja ascended to claim a legitimate title as Queen of a foothold in Slidr valley. With the clan large enough to defend it, Brynja led her people to the west of the valley and claimed the Tryggr holdings for their own. Now she rules as Tryggr's queen, though the blood of the Vikings still runs hot and deep in her veins.

[ Apprentice ]

Can cause a small amount of frost, typically by breath. Very small scale - damages small plants mostly. When a larger scale of frost is conjured, some ice may form depending on the target. Can damage larger plants, leave ice patches on grass.

[ Adept ]

Frost becomes ice with increased concentration, can affect a large area of plant life or cause some damage to a living creature. The smaller the animal, the more likely death is imminent. Can create a small ice shield for defense.

[ Master ]

Can create a full shield of ice; power is increased and time duration of the shield is increased. Ice will be thicker and harder to penetrate. Can create ice projectiles; these are created by large ice formations that will splinter before projecting towards the target.

[ Virtuoso ]

Power at max, ability to encase parts of other animals and/or horses in ice to hinder movement - such as using ice to restrict the legs. Ice can be used to pin creatures to immovable objects, like freezing something to a tree, cliff wall, etc.

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